My Equipment

Balanced Body Pilates Studio Reformer® with Tower and Mat

Pilates Studio Reformer focuses on core strength and proper muscle engagement which improves athletic performance, back pain, injury recovery, balance, bone density, and posture to name a few.  

Balanced Body® Pilates Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel challenges the core stability and strength of Pilates enthusiasts of every level. The rounded surface encourages the spine to move into extension and flexion (to backbend and forward bend) in a supported way.

The Pilates Ped-o-Pull

The Pilates Ped-o-Pull is a unique piece of Pilates equipment that you may have never even heard of.

The Ped-o-pull consists of pedopulla base platform and an upright pole that has two springs with handles. Participants stand on the platform, center themselves against the pole, and then use the handles attached to the spring to do various exercises.

Balanced Body® EXO® Chair

The Pilates EXO Chair is a multipurpose apparatus, challenges balance and proprioception in different ways than other apparatus. It is very effective for building arm, leg, and upper body strength and mobility.


The Oov is a tool, made out of durable foam, that allows you to find new strategies to control your movement by challenging your balance and stability. The curves of the Oov are designed to lengthen the spine and to destabilize the body; it puts the body in a position where it is never at rest.

The Oov® activates core stabilizing muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication. From stretching to core strengthening to rehabilitation, the Oov® offers significant benefits.

Wellround balls

Wellround balls are designed to be the perfect size, texture, and density for the most effective and versatile deep tissue massage for everybody and every body part.

Foam rollers can be great for certain applications, but generally can only address large areas of the body, they depend on body weight pressure on the floor, and only move in one direction.

Franklin Method

The Franklin Method, initially designed for dance training, helps people use their body with maximum efficiency and employs Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI) to use the brain to improve body function. The Franklin Method website describes DNI as using “progressive movement exercises combined with various methods of imagery” as a way of increasing awareness of “anatomical structures and locations, body biomechanics, as well as spatial and functional relationships between body segments during movement”.