About Me

I specialize in Private and Duet sessions which is specifically designed to address the individual needs of the client.

This will ensure that all your exercises are tailored to meet your particular needs. This is especially important for anyone who has a history of injuries, or chronic illness, since certain exercises are contraindicated for some conditions, while others are beneficial and will facilitate healing, strength, and flexibility.

After arriving in the United States in 2001 and obtaining my Master’s Degree in Education from Poland I was introduced to Pilates Method. Almost immediately I realized that Pilates facilitates one’s ability to connect mind, body; therefore, it has the potential to transform people’s lives forever.

Becoming a Pilates Instructor was a perfect fit as it allows me to combine my passion for Wellness with my background in teaching. 


I started teaching Pilates around 18 years ago, I was a client for a year before I fell in love with “Contrology” currently known as Pilates, after one year of Intensive training with over 650 hours.  I was able to test my teaching skills and obtained Comprehensive Classical Certification from Power Pilates 2008, this was only the beginning of my Pilates Journey… the longer I taught the more I wanted to learn and improve my understanding of the Human Body, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Functional Movement.


Always on the move…