I teach Pilates to help people feel Freedom in their Bodies and Improve Body Awareness

I specialize in movements that help you feel healthier, assist with injury prevention, core stability and strength, building bone density, pre and post pregnancy, balance, posture, stress reduction, pain management and rehabilitation.

My Goal is to help you feel Your Best every time you step outside of my studio and to fall in love with the way your body moves and feels. My assistance is available for all age groups with all abilities; men, women and children.

Benefits of Pilates

Checkmark icon gradient orangePilates makes you live longer
Checkmark icon gradient orangePilates is the most effective exercise for back pain
Checkmark icon gradient orangePilates makes your muscles longer & leaner
Checkmark icon gradient orangePilates make you happier
Checkmark icon gradient orangePilates calms your mind and lifts your sprit
Checkmark icon gradient orangePilates changes lives for the better


I’m guessing if you have made it to this page that you’re either searching for a Pilates Studio or perhaps you’re just looking for a new approach to your Health and fitness Routine. Either way, I’m so glad you’re checking out my place!

Studio is bright, open and airy with vibes that inspire and uplift, located in the beautiful Issaquah Highlands, specializes in one-on-one Pilates Sessions on 2 Reformers with Towers, EXO Chair, Ped-o-Pull, and many props.

My goal is to nurture long-term relationships with everyone that comes through my door, provide the highest quality level of Private Pilates instructions to people from all walks of life, to ensure that each client receives an individualized experience that improves their quality of life. Please read my google and website reviews, they detail my clients stories told in their own words.

Session Rates

*All sessions are 55 minutes long | 10% tax is not included in price

Pilates Physical Assessment$75
Pilates Private Session$85
Pilates Duet Session$55

Ready for your first visit?

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Notes from Clients

I have really enjoyed engaging in pilates under Gosha’s guidance.  She always tailors workouts to my particular needs and does an excellent job of mixing things up so I feel challenged and don’t get bored.  She is a true professional!


I was referred to Gosha 3+ years ago by my physical therapist for ankle and back problems.  Gosha provides individual training, focusing on the client’s body weaknesses and core strength.  I have lost weight and improved my strength and flexibility.  She is a wealth of information on the muscles and bones in our bodies, and she continues to take advanced Pilates courses.  I highly recommend her expertise.

Kim M.

I have had several Pilates instructors in the past two decades, and none has been as good as Gosha McClung in assisting me to greater strength, flexibility and balance.  I am happy to unequivocally endorse her, and congratulate all her current Pilates clients for finding and using her to reach their goals.

Rosemary A.

Gosha is an inspiring, knowledgeable and exceptional Pilates instructor and cares deeply for her clients. She has a keen understanding of the muscular-skeletal relationships in the body and customizes each session to address imbalances. Workouts are always fun and challenging, incorporating different pieces of equipment to gain strength and flexibility. After having a hysterectomy, Gosha taught me to be patient with my body and how to slowly heal. She taught me the importance of stretching to stay flexible to have less discomfort. I always felt so much better after my workout with Gosha, she is the best!

Paula D.

I started seeing Gosha to release upper-ab fascia as a result of a slightly botched surgery. From our first workout, I knew I could trust her, she was careful & thoughtful as she developed a long-term care plan for me. Unlike other Pilates instructors I had prior – in a rotation based on who was available, Gosha & me committed to a schedule of movement & healing. Now that I’m a grandma, Gosha helps me stay limber and able to play all day. She encourages me to work on my own, to understand my limits, and learn to safely go beyond them. Even the staff where I work, a sense that Gosha has a special and healthy manner. She has a beautiful & calming spirit but will kick your booty too! Even though I live across the country now, my weekly zoom workouts mean everything to me! She uses creative moves, props, and levels of difficulty to keep the workouts varied and challenging!

Carla H.

Gosha is a Miracle Worker, a “Body Whisperer.” When years of Physicians and Physical Therapists could not find a way to combat my back pain — she did.   With a shared belief that there “Is always a way,”  she found a combination of movements that made a huge difference in the pain and changed my life.  She listens, she watches, she researches, she learns, she cares, and she is a gifted teacher – ready to share all she knows.

Donna S.

client picture

Working with Gosha has been an extremely beneficial experience.  She listens, remembers, and pays close attention to my movements during class.  She remembers I have issues with my back, neck, and shoulder, and knees.  That is a lot to work with.  She adjusts my workout to accommodate the particular issue that is bothering me at that particular moment.  She is extremely professional, but pleasant and personable at the same time.  I have had improvements with my issues as a result of her focusing on them and how to help improve the situation.

Clara P.

I love pilates with Gosha! Gosha is super friendly and cares about the overall well-being of her clients. She is very attentive and detail-oriented,  she always keeps a good eye on your form to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly. She is great at creating accommodations and I love her hands-on approach. Gosha knows how to motivate and challenge you while keeping you safe and preventing injury. If you are training with Gosha, you are in good hands- she’s the best!

Michelle W

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